Cooling your house without electricity

Air conditioning is a necessary part of modern life, but it comes with a major drawback: it’s a major contributor to CO2 emissions and other pollutants. It also usually requires electricity, so if you’re living off grid it can be challenging. Passive Cooling Strategies in Architecture Natural Ventilation Natural ventilation is a passive cooling strategy …

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Living Off the Grid in Spain

Spain has an abundance of land to live on, and sun to provide electricity and energy to grow food. Sound like a good start for living off grid? I think it does, and I’m starting my off grid journey in Spain. Read on to learn if it’s the right place for your own off grid …

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Off the Grid Companies

Off-grid living is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for those who want to live independently and sustainably. Whether you’re a homesteader, a prepper, or simply someone who wants to reduce their environmental footprint, there are many ways to achieve an off-grid lifestyle. One important aspect of off-grid living is being self-sufficient and having access to …

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Off Grid Pool: A Guide to Off-Grid Pool Systems

If you’re living an off grid lifestyle or considering it, you know that it’s all about self-sufficiency and sustainability. And what’s more sustainable and self-sufficient than having your own private oasis to cool off in during those hot summer days without relying on the traditional power grid? An off grid pool is the perfect addition …

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solarpunk desert farming off grid

Off Grid Desert Farming

Living Off the Grid in a desert environment has unique challenges. One of them is growing food so you can live off the land. Is off grid desert farming even possible? In this article we’ll explore different ways that you grow your own food whilst living in a desert type climate. Not all deserts are …

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Off Grid Income

From City to Off Grid Whether you’re looking to go from the city to living off grid, or you’re already living on a homestead, you’ll need at least one remote income source. A lot of content online about the off grid lifestyle talks about the importance of having resources in the form of food, land, …

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Passive Solar Cooling in Hot Humid Climates

When reading about passive solar, the focus in many books is on solar heating. But many of us live in places where for much of the year it’s plenty hot already! So what about passive solar cooling? For example where I live in Southern Spain, is very close to what is considered to be Europe’s …

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Solar Power for 1.5 HP Pump

Being able to run a water pump without relying on grid electricity can range from simply saving money on electric bills, to being absolutely essential if you’re somewhere where electricity just isn’t reliable or even available at all.  Solar power can also be a fantastic replacement for a diesel generator. In this article, we’ll look …

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Pole barn at sunrise

Solar Power Systems for Barns: An Overview

Powering pole barns can be quite complex for people who are grid-tied. But, what if you want to convert to an off-grid lifestyle? Can solar power for barn be a viable option? The answer, fortunately, is a resounding yes – it is certainly possible to harness the power of the sun to produce the kind …

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