Is there enough Sun in the UK for Solar Panels?

The short answer is: Yes there is enough sun in the UK for solar panels to make sense

Here’s more of an explanation:

There’s actually no shortage of solar energy hitting the UK every day. There’s enough sunlight shining on just a few square kilometers of the UK to power the whole of the rest of it.

Now it’s a bit more complicated than that, because we have to consider how efficient the panels are, and what angle your roof is. But essentially, there’s plenty of sunshine to power your home.

Of course, I’m guessing you’d like this to make great financial sense too. Which is why, when you have a system designed for your home, a good installer will optimise for cost savings, rather than you being able to be 100% sun powered all of the time.

That means they’ll take into account things like how much time you spend at home during the day, which then influences how large of a battery is recommended.

They’ll take in all this information, and use some smart software to figure out the optimal balance between: upfront cost, number of panels, battery size, and a lot more variables.

That way you get faster cost savings than if you were going for a 100% off grid system.

I cover this in a bit more detail in this video:

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