99kW Solar Panels UK

How much will a 99 kw solar system save?

An 99 kw solar system for the right home or business should save around £247000 over the course of its expected 25 year lifetime.

That’s roughly £9878 per year in savings, without taking into account inflation or rising electric prices (which both add to your savings if you invest in solar soon).

Smart Export Guarantee

The Smart Export Guarantee replaces the older Feed in Tariff scheme. It allows you to get paid for excess energy that your 99 kw solar system produces but you don’t directly use yourself, for example if you’re out during the day when it’s sunny.

Currently you can expect to get paid around 5.5p per kWh of electricity you ‘export’, so for a 99 Kw solar system, with typical usage patterns, you could expect to receive around £2776 per year in payments under this scheme.

Electricity Savings

One of the main reasons to consider getting an 99 kW solar system is to save money by directly using the electricity it produces during the day, instead of paying the utility company. The more of your own ‘self generated’ electricity you use instead of buying it or paying for petrol if you’re also buying an electric car, the higher your savings.

With a properly sized 99 kW solar system, you can expect to save around £7102 per year by using your own solar energy.

99 kw solar panel system price

An 99 kw solar system typically costs around £124000 in the UK. That’s including installation and VAT.

How many solar panels for 99 kw system?

Modern solar panels are rated for between 300 – 500w each, or 0.3kw – 0.5kw. That means that you would need between 198 and 330 individual panels for a 99 kw system.

How big is a 99 kw solar array

Each solar panel is around 1.6 m2, so in total a 99 kw solar system would need between 323 m2 and 538 m2 of space, depending on if you go for the more efficient (but also more expensive) panels, or the less efficient ones.

How much does a 99 kw solar system produce? (In the UK)

On average over a whole year a 99 kw solar system produces 91758.61 kWh in the South of the UK.

There’s several factors that influence how many kWh a 99 kw solar PV system produces. Those are:

  • Shading
  • Location in the UK
  • Roof direction and tilt
  • Time of year
  • Efficiency of components in your system

Is a 99 kW solar system right for you?

To find out if it’s worth it for you, use our free solar panel cost calculator.