Solar Panel Cost Calculator UK

Calculate how many solar panels you need,
how much they will cost in 2022,
and how long they’ll take to pay back.

Solar radiation data supplied by European Commission.
Self-consumption estimates based on paper published in Energy Policy

How are the Results Calculated?

A solar PV system in Edinburgh produces around 25% less than one in Brighton, so this solar calculator takes your location into account.

If you’re trying to work out whether it’s worth it to buy solar panels, this solar panel calculator has been designed for you.

This tool estimates the size of the solar panel system (solar PV) you will need based on your electricity use. The results are based on the information you provide, as well as solar irradiance data provided by the European Commision’s GIS team. If you’re looking to put together an off grid system, try my off grid solar calculator instead.

This solar panels calculator will also provide an up to date cost range for the reccomended system, and you will have the option to request competitive quotes if you want to move forward with buying solar PV.

There are a number of assumptions baked in to our solar panel payback calculator UK, but it should provide a good enough guide in most cases.

How to Use the Solar Panel Cost Calculator

Follow the step by step questions and try to provide as accurate information as you can, so we can provide a clear solar panel estimate.

Don’t worry if you can’t provide exact figures, for example it’s okay to round up your monthly bill to Β£100 when the exact amount might be Β£93.26.

What data do I enter?

To be able to calculate your savings, you’ll need to enter:

  • Your postcode so it can work out how much sunlight there will be over a year (see the map image above)
  • Your first name so we can be more friendly 😊
  • Your average monthly or quarterly electric bill amount so it can work out how much electricity you use
  • Which direction your roof faces
  • Only if you want to request a consulation:
    • Your email & phone

Once you’ve entered all your information, you’ll be able to see a customised results page showing you the reccomended solar panel system size to fully offset your annual usage, along with some details about direct solar generated electricity, energy savings, and smart export guarentee payments (the replacement for the feed in tariff / FiT).

Part of the results page will be a graph showing how many kWh of electricity your solar installation should typically produce during different months.

This information is intended to be a useful guide to help you decide: is solar worth it? It’s not meant to be a guarantee of financial returns, as that depends on the exact system and setup you end up purchasing.

What Size Solar System Do I Need?

The cost of installing solar panels varies by system size and electricity generation

A larger system costs more to install, but the additional electricity it produces may mean that it provides a better return on investment. Our solar panel cost calculator helps work out what size of system will make the most sense for your usage.

Factors affecting solar panel costs

  • System size – this calculator will help you work that out
  • Type of panels used
  • Location and labour costs- does the installer make a high margin or are they keeping their costs to a minimum (not always best for you as a buyer)
  • Market conditions
  • Whether a battery system is also required
  • Type of solar inverter used
  • Access needed – can they use a normal scaffold tower, or is there limited access?

What about off grid systems?

If you’re looking to go completely off grid, either to be independent, or because you can’t get grid power at your location, then our off grid solar calculator will help you work out how many solar panels you need and what size battery will help you go off grid.

We will also soon be adding a solar battery storage calculator UK.

Calculate your results

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