Are Solar Panels a Good Investment for You?

Use our 30 second solar calculator to see:
How many panels you need & how much they’ll save.

Over 2,000 People in the UK Go Solar Every Month

Plus, the government’s new “smart export guarantee” makes it an even better investment

Are Solar Panels Worth it In the UK?

It can be tricky to exactly compare investing in physical assets, like a house or solar panels, to something like a Cash ISA.

In many cases, you can expect to earn around 5-10x better returns than 2021 savings accounts rates, over a 25 year period. Click below to learn more.

A Super Effective Way to Reduce Your Impact

Rooftop solar is one of the top ten technologies for getting to carbon zero. It could reduce our carbon emissions by 24.6 gigatons. That’s according to the scientists behind Project Drawdown.